Make a donation to support the professional and social inclusion of excluded Youth

We need your support all the more today to support the Youth and their families who will be most affected by the consequences of this global health and economic crisis.

> find out more about the current situation



($3.8 after tax deduction)

Welcome kit for one Youth: Polo shirt and diary


($41 after tax deduction)

1 month of full support


($487 after tax deduction)

Support for 1 Youth from arrival to integration


($7,600 after tax deduction)

Average cost of creating a program


($10 after tax deduction)

1 week of full support


($246 after tax deduction)

6 months of full support


($2,850 after tax deduction)

Total cost of equipping a Center

Every day you will be able to follow their progress, achievements and the challenges they face via Facebook, and you will receive a monthly newsletter providing details of each program  > I subscribe


Thank you for your generosity!

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