The integration ecosystem according to our entrepreneurship pedagogy is made up of companies, institutions, universities, foundations, etc … which trust LP4Y and share our belief in the amazing potential of each Young Adult.



Foundation Project Leader, Decathlon, Manila, Philippines

“For us it was obvious, after 2 years of collaboration between LP4Y and Decathlon Philippines, that we would commit to supporting PatayaSport. It is an ambitious project and an opportunity for us to develop our mission, to “Make sport accessible to as many people as we can” with a population whose future will be transformed by discovering the value of sport. For this, financial support from the Decathlon Foundation is essential, ensuring its development less than 2 years after the opening of our first shop in the Philippines. It is important to commit to a real win-win partnership involving our teams. Our role is also to develop a network with the local ecosystem and to involve some of our partners to ensure the long-term sustainability of the program.”

Deputy Executive Director of UNICEF


"The LP4Y model is impressive as it takes a holistic approach. The model provides to the Youth social counseling and coaching that gives them the comfort that a normal family would give. Close collaboration with business partners also ensures that the Youth are learning skills that respond to demands. These creative young adults are great risk takers and take risks that you and I would not take. But LP4Y provides them with the life skills to take the positive risks, not the negative ones."



Customer technical service, Roquette, Mumbai, Inde

“Roquette and LP4Y have been working together for the past few years and I am fortunate to have been involved for the past year with 2 LPCs in India (Delhi & Mumbai). I interacted with the Youths about the importance of Safety and Hygiene at the workplace. LP4Y does a commendable job for the young adults of the country. I also think it is really important that employees get involved in their company’s social activities because it is the only way we can give back to the society and make our world a better place to live in. The sheer number of young people has yet to become an asset since currently only 2.5 % of the Indian workforce has had some formal training. We need to give the best to our future generations.”