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The Philippines are the cradle of LP4Y's history, firstly in Manila and particularly in one of the poorest districts of the city: Tondo. Also called Tempo or "Happyland", this huge area located between a harbour and a garbage dumps is an appalling place of cohabitation where more than 100,000 people are concentrated under the threshold of extreme poverty. Then, touching the enormous needs of the most excluded populations, needs proportional to the 5 million young people out of the school system and the 3 out of 5 young people not receiving any salary, LP4Y opened centers on the 3 main islands: Luzon, Cebu & Mindanao. This is also where the idea of the Green Village pedagogy was born with the opening of the GV Calauan in 2011, which was then replicated in the other countries where LP4Y operates. Today the archipelago has 6 centers as well as 2 in prisons in Cebu and Iligan, and is increasingly responding to local needs.

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Coordinator Philippines

“2021 was a year of agility. National Catalysts took over the activity in the Philippines during the COVID, and slowly Catalysts from France were able to join on the field. This helped us to diversify our way of working and underline the benefits of multiculturality. All Catalysts had the luck to gather after months of working digitally. This year brought to light the strength of the team and the dedication of all Catalysts to work with the Youth toward their professional integration. Objectives for 2022 are exciting, create synergies between centers, promote reopening, remobilise the Ecosystem around the Youth, consolidate our actions and advocacy in each center and emphasize the cohesion.’’

Since 2009
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