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The volunteers work directly with excluded Youth, putting their skills to use on the field. Discover the list of possible missions!

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At least 2 years of engagement through local contracts or volunteering contracts for international Catalysts (such as VSI or French Civique Service)




In Asia, Middle-East, France or the US, in the LP4Y centers, working directly with the Youth


Live both a fulfilling professional experience and a transforming personal one

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Be part of a strong ecosystem where all members work together towards the same objective: accompany the Youth to become actors of their own life

Benefit from the Talent Package : all mission’s cost (accommodation, basic food, insurance, flight) reimbursed, seminars and skills development during the mission, personal follow up after the mission from a job search mentor, ..


Discover a collaborative non-hierarchical workflow where each Catalyst is empowered to take initiatives

Experience a very strong philosophy of sharing and community mindset

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We are looking for candidates with professional business experience, who are passionate about development, entrepreneurship, are opendynamic, and seeking opportunities to develop their character and skills in an intercultural environment. Fluent English is required.

Would you like to get involved with Young people
in situations of exclusion and use your skills in the field?

Fill the form below and send it with your resume 
and cover letter to start your mission as soon as possible ! 



Once trained to the LP4Y Pedagogy and to the use of our tools, you will take part in supporting a team of Young Adults (18 to 25 years old) by developing your skills in the following domains: 

  • Pedagogy and follow up of the Young Adults, so that they gain confidence in their capacity to act and therefore find and keep a decent job. 

  • Development of a Micro-Economic Initiative (social entrepreneurship) to enable them to develop : 

    • Soft skills; business, management, organization, planification, communication, professionalism, time management 

    • Hard Skills; digital literacy, english / globish basic communication skills 

  • Partnership development to create and develop an integration ecosystem for the Youth. 

  • Organisation and management: organisation of program activities in collaboration with other Catalysts, budget management, follow up and reporting of the activities along with the coordination team in support. 

You can be a coach:

  • in a Green Village (GV); rural area, the Youth  live on site for a 3-month training period

  • in a Training & Development Center (TDC); urban area, the Youth  live in the community near the center and receive 6-month training


LP4Y's objective  is to support the Youth in their professional integration through the acquisition of skills during their program. 80% of the time is dedicated to the MEI (Micro-Economic Initiative),   to put skills into practice (learning by doing) and ​​enable them to develop a professional posture and to understand the meaning of their training. 20% of the time is dedicated to “guidance”, in individual meetings with the coach or in collective discussions on various social, professional and personal subjects.

In this framework, the ” Project Leader Pedagogical Development” has a transversal vision of the MEIs (or micro-businesses) and of the pedagogy of the centers, allowing to best accompany coaches and the Youth in the management of their MEI and their training.

  • He/she listens, supports and challenges coaches and the Youth 

  • He/she assists in the global coordination of pedagogy and MEIs

  • He/she gathers ideas from different parties in order to innovate and meet the needs on the field

  • He/she shares “best practices”, connects centers with common issues and creates synergies

  • He/she follows the centers in their development and updates the follow-up documents

  • He/she creates and updates the tools necessary for the proper functioning of the training and the MEIs, for the Youth and the coaches according to the needs

  • He/she participates in the preparation and organization of Welcome Weeks, seminars, handovers, and other specific events.


The development of the ecosystem around the centers is key for the Youth to be successfully integrated. Since 2009, LP4Y has been developing a strong ecosystem of 500 partners all committed to Youth Inclusion: corporates, institutions, NGOs, schools, universities, expat and philanthropy networks, local authorities etc. The more the Youth will be connected to various actors, the more they will be included. Your mission, as Ecosystem Developer, will be to develop the network of partners in your city. You will also be in charge of looking for local funding opportunities. 

  • In charge of the local Ecosystem Development in their city: reinforce the links in the local ecosystem.

  • In charge of the ecosystem development and mobilisation with the Youth (half a day/week.)

  • Connect with actors around the center to cover the needs of the Youth: mobilisation, integration but also NGOs, local institutions, hospitals etc

  • Prospection for local fundraising (in link with the PFPM Zones)

  • Relays center information - Key Impact Indicators and updates for the reporting

  • Responsible multimedia (make sure that photos are in the Drive etc.)



The Project Leader Management, Organization & Finance mission is divided into 3 categories.



  • Validation of the monthly budget of all the programs of the zone + catalysts expenses

  • Training on different cash management tools. (budget balances, cashbooks, LPM follow ups, bank transfers, etc.)

  • Reporting (Call for Funds, Cash Invested, Cash follow up, Cash flow statement, Bank reconciliation)

  • New processes / new tools implementation



  • Support to the recruitment of local catalysts

  • In charge of the visas (issuance, renewal, etc.) and contact with local authorities

  • Management of local contracts database


Safety / Security

  • Organization of trainings/ events per country (bi-annually)

  • Evaluation of risks per country and update processes

  • Audit of centres


The different missions of the Project Leader Alliance Reporting and Finances are:

  • Aggregation of the accounts of the 18 LP4Y structures and edition of a "consolidated" presentation brochure of the LP4Y organizations,

  • Global audit of each of the 18 LP4Y structures

  • Audit and implementation of concrete solutions for major projects such as the South Asia development project,and the Mediterranean development project,

  • Creation of the "financial" replication model of the centers,

  • Overall financial reporting to Alliance members,

  • Development of partnership relations/long-term financing in coordination with the Alliance communication-fundraising team

Partnership development 

The Project Leader Partnership Development is responsible for deploying the global partnership development strategy in the zone he/she is responsible for.

  • ​The PLD supports catalysts, coaches & supports, taking into account their projects to develop local, national or, from a more global point of view, international partnerships,

  • Coordinate and ensure the efficiency of the action plan focused on partnerships,

  • In coordination with the Communication Team, he builds solid partnerships, develops and updates the tools to enroll them in the long term and allows them to widen the field of jobs possible for the Youth. If necessary, the he helps to orient the Youth towards identified opportunities,

  • He accompanies the catalysts in the management and development of the partnerships for which they are responsible, as well as in the learning of tools to ensure the follow-up of the professional integration of the Youth,

  • He ensures the empowerment of volunteers in building partnerships, and their good knowledge of the LP4Y tools existing on the LP4Y extranet.

  • He participates or organizes events in favor of Youth inclusion , working in collaboration with other support functions with the same objective (YIN, job forums, ...).

communication, fundraising & partnership


As part of the Partnerships Fundraising (PF) team, you will be responsible for:

  • Develop financial and non-financial partnerships, in close collaboration with the Project Leaders Partnership Development and the Coordination team

  • Raise funds for LP4Y's field activities, but also for projects in development. You regularly do prospecting and look for LP4Y ambassadors. You respond to calls for funds and coordinate the "field" and financial follow-up

  • Coordinate and support all LP4Y Alliance entities in their fundraising and communication needs

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The different missions of the Digital Support are: 

  • Make our collaborative tools accessible and properly used by all (Google Drive, Gmail, social media, video conferencing tools, contact database ...) and develop them for a better productivity of the team (volunteers and Youth)).

  • Work with information technology (IT) providers to equip the new LP4Y centers with a computer room to provide the Youth with access to new technologies.

  • Improve the Digital Inc. e-learning app created by the LP4Y Digital project manager and with our IT partners to enable distance learning and support the Youth even in remote locations (soft skills, career management, networking)

=>  The need for digital technology is growing and the evolution is even more spectacular in Asia. Here, the Youth, LP4Y's targets, own a smartphone despite poverty. Hence the obvious need to make young people very agile on all digital media.


4 weeks

As the Studio Leader and part of the Communication team, you will be in charge of:

  • Ensuring a positive and consistent image of LP4Y on all communication supports and media

  • Creating internal and external communication support: 

    • Video production,

    • Graphics Design (book layout/ logos / leaflet/ kakemono),

    • Social Media visuals,

    • Making sure that the Graphic standard (pictos/ fonts, colors) are well respected and applied,

    • Realizing mockup & layout of annual report, leaflets, presentations.


  • Ensuring the follow-up and the update of the website.


As part of the Communication team, you will be in charge of:

Elaborating LP4Y Strategy with the Coordinators:

  • Supporting the strategy and prospecting,

  • Creating general guidelines for every Point Of Contact Communication.


Animating LP4Y online

  • Ensuring the follow-up and the update of the website,

  • Managing Social Media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube),

  • Organizing global event,

  • Monitoring,

  • Creating visuals,

  • Content writing.


Ensuring a positive and consistent image of LP4Y on all communication supports and media:

  • Communication material (PPT, leaflet…),

  • Giving Communication training to the Youth, related to their needs.



Youth Inclusion Network (YIN)

The YIN, initiated and supported by LP4Y, is an international network of companies wishing to get involved in the professional inclusion of excluded youth.

The missions of the Project Manager Youth Inclusion Network are:

  • Organize, coordinate and participate in the preparation of various professional activities for young adults from partner organizations such as LP4Y, putting them in contact with each other with the intention of promoting the recruitment of young adults for internships / permanent positions in companies

  • Participate in events and international forums

  • Mobilize existing networks, recruit new members, organize meetings and events between members (webinars, forums, afterworks, etc)

  • Establish privileged relationships with members in the area of assignment (company directors, DRH, managers, RSE department heads and other company players)

  • Participate in the launch of new YINs: strategy development, collaboration with local actors, promotion, launch event, follow-up and network mobilization

  • Collect data on participation in activities and statistics to measure the impact of the YIN (number of Youth impacted by training, business visits etc.)

  • Manage internal and external communication: website, social media, newsletter, promotion during events

  • Report to YIN Global in Paris, participate in the establishment of the global strategy


YOUTH 4 change NETWORK (Y4cN)

Youth 4 Change Network (Y4CN)

Y4CN is an international network of 65 organizations all working for the social and professional inclusion of disadvantaged youth.

As a member of the Y4CN team, you will support members in their actions, participate in the development of the network and organize collective advocacy actions.

The missions of the Y4CN project manager are:

  • Regular contact with international members

  • Organizing webinars or workshops with members and other related organizations

  • Publishing support (white book, forum reports, webinars...)

  • Organization of forums to raise awareness in different cities (in 2022: 10 years of Y4CN in Paris)

  • Support of Y4CN members' initiatives




It is essential to LP4Y's success to have young professionals adults who are motivated, ready to learn and driven by passion, to accompany young adults to the decent world. For this, recruitment is key.

The main missions of the PM Talent Recruitment are to:

  • Coordinate and manage the recruitment of all field volunteers through these actions:

    • To promote the missions of LP4Y,

    • Conduct candidate screening,

    • Conducting skype interviews of candidates,

  • Coordinate and manage the administrative follow-up of all new candidates under recruitment 

  • Develop communication opportunities around the LP4Y mission and what it brings to the Catalysts



The Youth LABs are laboratories for innovative solutions for the professional and social inclusion of young adults. They are currently located in Saint-Ouen, France (500 m2) and in the Bronx, USA.

As Project Manager or LAB support, you will participate in the strategic development of these meeting and innovation spaces - true bridges between various actors of inclusion at national level. Within a dynamic team and supported by the LP4Y coordination team you will:

  • Participate in the recruitment, training and sending of volunteers on international solidarity missions

  • Create a strong dynamic around the issues of Youth Inclusion by organizing events; workshops, round tables, training, network meetings..

  • Develop the Youth LAB's local and international partnership strategy and funding opportunities

  • Ensure the budget follow-up of the LAB

  • In collaboration with the LP4Y Communication Team, you will define and implement the most appropriate strategy to promote the LAB and its missions



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Philippines Coordinator, 2022

"LP4Y is the most beautiful experience I ran into.

Seeing the evolution of the Youth, from the first day to the last one, gives me so much confidence on how much they will bring to the world, and how unique they are. Being a witness of them reaching their goals, this is what LP4Y offers me.

LP4Y, it’s also the amount of emotions you live and how alive you can feel. Why do I feel so much alive? Because I am a Catalyst. I am Catalyst of Change, and I love it. I love to impulse actions, to convince, to create links between actors to finally build the bridge between different worlds and make everyone realize that there is no future without inclusion. Because being a Catalyst gave me so many opportunities to have a big smile on my face and the will to dance!
Believe me, you will love it! Join us to become a Catalyst"


Coach of Green Village Kathmandu, Nepal, 2022

” In a nutshell, my LP4Y journey all started with Batch 13. And witnessing their improvement and growth has immensely helped me in understanding how people may acquire and master their personalities when they are hungry and enthusiastic to overcome their flaws. Not only have the Youth evolved in the previous three months, but I have as well, I evolved, I fostered. This reciprocal link between Youth and catalysts tells me that by working together, we may overcome our pitfalls, weaknesses and flaws.”

Manisha Chapagain- Coach GV.jpg


Coach of Yummy program, India, 2017  - 

Coach of Deco Me program, Philippines, 2018 - Leader of Green Village Mekong, Vietnam, 2019 - Green Village Coordinator, 2020 - 2022

“My contact with the Youth has taught me to trust, to have faith in myself and to be firm while retaining the ability to reexamine myself. When you’re a coach you have to make 15 decisions a minute, support the Youth in their Life Projects, give them confidence, and room to develop … This year strengthened my belief that challenges, caring and humor are the keys to a positive pedagogy. This experience has given me the strength to continue coaching, this time in the Philippines. I see this mission as a new challenge: getting to know new Young Adults, learning to work together in a new environment with new cultural codes, and above all, succeeding once more in developing a coaching system that combines high standards, appreciation of the Youth and team spirit!



Coach - Project Leader Pedagogical Development & Coaching, India, 2018 & Myanmar, 2019

"For the first 6 months, I was coaching a team of 17 Youth  in one of the LP4Y centers in Delhi, India. I worked with them on their life project, and accompanied them on their path to professional integration. The coaching mission requires a lot of organization because it is very versatile. Our missions consist in coaching the young people individually and in teams, giving trainings (English, IT, professional communication), developing partnerships, helping the young people to manage a micro-business and of course managing the budget of the program. This mission is very rich on the human level, and we see daily the impact of his commitment which is really motivating. For the next 6 months I was entrusted with the mission of Project Leader Partnerships and Pedagogy, to accompany the coaches on these two subjects. Training the coaches, creating tools, taking a step back to find ways to improve... This mission within the coordination team allowed me to have an overall vision of LP4Y's action." 



Coach - Partnership Leader - Coordinator Philippines 

Today, vice-presidente of LP4Y Paris

“When I arrived in the Philippines for my LP4Y mission, 3½ years ago, I knew nothing about poverty, the poverty that exists in certain countries affecting certain populations, and I knew nothing about the lives of the Young Adults, the same age as me, living the other side of the world … 

And I met Young Adults who had nothing, who lived in conditions we can’t even imagine and yet, who had hearts filled with a joy we cannot begin to understand. I was looking for meaning, and they were looking to meet their most basic needs: shelter, food for one day, clothing … 

I was brought face to face with my own barriers, my own limits. Life on a mission is extraordinary, because when you live and work with the Youth, the barriers within you come crashing down, and your outlook on the world changes. You undergo a transformation in the way you approach the world and life itself. 

I – Immersion in a new world and discovering poverty. On my mission I learnt about poverty and all its contradictions: The reality of the hunger that nags at the guts of the Youth, who can’t make it through the day because they’ve just had one meagre meal that day; the lack of health coverage and the exorbitant medical expenses that can plunge a family into debt for generations, condemning them to abject poverty; the appalling conditions in the slums, and the Filipinos whose reaction is to laugh and say “It’s raining in my house; the violence of the typhoons that in 2 hours can destroy the basic dwellings; the reality of prostitution, just to pay an electricity bill; the sexual abuse suffered by young children that barely raises an eyebrow in the slums; the drugs to help forget life’s hardships. 

2 – An LP4Y volunteer. What I learnt: I learnt to make mistakes and I learnt what it means to work on a development project. I learnt to meet new people without prejudging, without preconceived expectations. 

I learnt that giving and helping doesn’t work. 
I learnt what it meant to support / guide / share with the Youth, and the incalculable value of listening and sharing when it comes to LP4Y’s pedagogy. 
I learnt to live and work with it, plunging deep into another culture. 
I learnt to live the simple life, and to appreciate the freedom that gives! 
I learnt to submerge myself, living and loving a country and a culture which won me over with its powerful and honest outlook on life. 
I learnt smiling from the Filipinos, along with taking joy in simple moments, resilience, hospitality, generosity, joie de vivre. 
I leant from my mistakes, I learnt patience and humility. 
I learnt that being a volunteer is not about being a super hero, claiming to know everything, solving all problems as a Westerner might see it, instead it’s about giving the best of oneself, even when you can’t see the results, hoping that the Youth will, in turn, give the best of themselves, defying the odds which seemed to destine them for hell. 
I learnt the importance of teamwork and living in community with the other volunteers, I got to meet extraordinary people, with huge hearts who astonished me with their caring, their generosity, their passions and their love for others. 
When you go on a mission you are agreeing to let yourself be transformed, touched by the missions, by a country’s culture, by the contact with others. Above all, 
I learnt to open myself to others and to the Youth. To consider them as adults, as equals, and that was the key to everything …”

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