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Donations are deductible from income tax according to articles 109 and 112 of the L.I.R. To qualify for the tax deduction, the total amount of the donations made to various entities during the year must be at least 120€ and not over 20% of the total net income or above 1,000,000€.
You will automatically receive a tax receipt during the month of March following the year of the donation.

I donate online via Digicash

You have a right of access, rectification and deletion on simple written request to the head office of :  LP4Y Luxembourg: 50 rue Basse, Steinsel, L-7307.

I donate by bank transfer

STEP 1: I complete the form online to benefit from the tax deduction

Complete the online form



You can download the Support Voucher and send it to us either by email at  or by mail to:

Life Project 4 Luxembourg – 50 rue Basse, L-7307 Steinsel


2ND STEP :Finalize your donation by bank transfer To account 

Life Project 4 Youth Luxembourg, 50 rue Basse, L-7307 Steinsel, Luxembourg


IBAN: LU68 0030 3647 0721 0000


NB: Prefer donations by bank transfer to avoid commission fees.

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