In Hanoi, young people living in slums in the city center survive by carrying out a variety of precarious odd jobs. Young women from Hamong, Dao Red and Thai ethnic minorities have no access to education and health systems. Their farming parents grow rice without earning an income. Due to lack of job opportunities and structure on arrival in the city, the women often fall victim to sexual trafficking with neighboring countries. To provide the right conditions for following the LP4Y program, they are given accommodation in the brand new "Women Entrepreneurs' House", just next to the center. As they manage the two Bread & Smiles Micro-Economic Initiatives, they regain their dignity, regain confidence in their potential and gradually become real added value for growing local and international businesses.


Responsibility Step, Bread & Smiles, Hanoi

“Before joining LP4Y, I went to high school but I could not go to university because I was living alone and had no money. When I left to come to Hanoi, I was hoping to find a place to help me achieve my dream. I found LP4Y that is my motivation, my rainbow and my magical door. There, I am learning things I never knew before and how to succeed. I now understand that I have eyes to see, ears to listen, hands to do everything, and feet to go. Moreover, I feel the sympathy and love of the other girls with who I live. We come from everywhere but we treat each other like sisters and share joys and sorrows. We all have dream to escape from poverty and to become useful people. I believe I will become tour guide and that everyone in LP4Y will achieve their dream. Everything is difficult at first but if you really believe in yourself and do your best, you will succeed.”



In Vietnam, there are very few initiatives for the deaf and hearing-impaired. Those who are impoverished and living in exclusion, without the means to pay for private schooling, find themselves socially and professionally isolated. The Go Vap center in the north of the Vietnamese capital welcomes young people from very poor families or who are estranged from their families, but also deaf Youth, to enable them to develop the skills necessary for finding decent work. In the Bread & Smiles program, the deaf Youth run a catering business specializing in the baking and delivery of pastries. The Revival program specializes in the creation and sale of recycled items. The Youth are supported by various companies and partner organizations, notably through the Youth Inclusion Network which is developing in Vietnam.


Autonomy Step, Bread & Smiles, Ho Chi Minh

"My name is Yen Vy. I am 17 year old and I am deaf. I am living in Saigon with my mother and my little sister. I joined Bread and Smiles Team when I drop out of school (I finished my primary school). I can’t follow my studies because there is no School for deaf in Vietnam and because it is very expensive. I am very happy to be at LP4Y because I can learn how to work and communicate with my team. I can also learn english and IT. I do not feel alone when I am in LP4Y! After Bread and Smiles I would like to find a good job in a spa and have enough money to live and to help my family."