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LP4Y trains excluded Youth to become Entrepreneurs of their lives. Via the Professional Training for Entrepreneurs, an educational program offered in the Life Project Centers such as the Green Villages, they develop professional skills and know-how, and gain self‐confidence in order to find a decent job that suits them.

The year 2019 has marked 10 years of commitment to the inclusion of the Youth experiencing extreme poverty and exclusion.

Ten years that represent the accompaniment of 2,493 Youth and a field of action that extends to 13 countries!

In 2019, there are 93 Catalysts on the field, 155 Volunteers and more than 500 partners who are committed daily to working alongside the most excluded Youth. You will find in this report our impact indicators, an overview of the activities carried out within the training centers, the initiatives led by the different LP4Y entities and as well as our financial report.