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In 2008-2009, while on a world tour, the founders of the LP4Y movement were struck by the enormous number of abandoned and excluded Youth living in extreme poverty. The first study carried out indicated 600 million Youth aged 15 to 24 living below the poverty line: a shocking figure, and it is furthermore projected that by 2025 there will be more than a billion Youth rejected by the decent world! For 12 years, LP4Y Catalysts have been seeking solutions, testing, experimenting, adapting, developing favorable integration ecosystems, highlighting and sharing good practices, in a quest for the best solid results of professional and social integration.

How can we guarantee direct access to decent work for all excluded Youth with a background of extreme poverty?

Equation with 3 unknowns:
x1 What innovations would support Youth in gaining access to decent employment?
x2 How can we create sustainable ecosystems that are conducive to the decent integration of vulnerable Youth?
x3 How can we increase the number of support options and channels for all Youth?

Operational solutions:

1 - Test solutions to support Youth in the field
2 - Multiply advocacy operations for Youth inclusion, so that all stakeholders can get involved
3 - Share expertise and develop services, training, networks to support all initiatives for the inclusion of vulnerable Youth

Impact indicators:
1 Are the Youth free and capable of finding a decent job on their own and of keeping it long term? If they were to lose it, would they be able to find a decent job within an acceptable time frame?
2 Are there organizations and other actors ready to get involved on behalf of excluded Youth from extreme poverty?
3 Are the available resources sufficient for a globalized and lasting impact (training, funds, actors, inclusion specialists, etc.)?

The Youth are capable of achieving lasting inclusion in the decent professional world; the Youth
supported by LP4Y prove it every day;

More and more professionals, organizations and companies are associated with this inclusive
movement because of its numerous positive impacts;

Today there are training programs and organizations that support these initiatives, there are
funds available and useful networks to allow those who wish to take part in this essential fight
for Youth, the future of our world.


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