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Philippines Coordinator

“ Who will be able to say not to remember the year 2020? I remember the resilience that the young people demonstrated. The agility that the Catalysts have been able to develop in all circumstances, always in the interest of supporting young people. Finally, the innovation of the LP4Y team as a whole allowing the development of new pedagogies and activities with our partners. From a personal point of view, my position as Philippines coordinator, from India, is a real challenge which allows me to affirm that with a forward-looking vision, team cohesion and agility, it's possible ! Indeed, the Filipino team, with the Young people, is developing new projects with a strong positive impact on the communities, which I invite you to discover.»



In April 2020, amid the repeated lockdowns imposed in Manila, Tondo was hit by a devastating fire. The Youth, Stars and Catalysts took action: organizing the distribution of clothing and food to the community; helping to rebuild one Youth’s house; and developing remote learning. The partners got involved and mock interviews with Decathlon, Baker Hughes and private citizens were organized for all the Manila centers, as well as a virtual company visit with H&M, and online training with CapGemini.
The Training & Development Center pedagogy has been implemented and the Micro Economic Initiative is now Care 4 Change, a high-impact activity for the community. The Youth in the program offer Young mothers competitively priced diapers and infant milk, workshops aimed at raising awareness about health and nutrition for babies and young children. There is also a consulting area where the Youth can receive Young mothers to discuss their needs with them, before directing them towards other specialist organisations.
The Young mothers in the program, as well as the Stars, can once again entrust their children to the Little Angels Academy, where early learning is now organized by age group.

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In central Cebu, the Youth teams and their Coaches prepared an action plan for launching the Micro Economic Initiative Host 4 Change. The Youth would develop skills in the hospitality sector as they operated this solidarity hotel.
Cebu Island is known for its tourism with high potential for recruiting young people. The pandemic forced the center to close in June 2020.
In 2021, local Catalysts have been hired and the Youth are working on the new visual identity of the MEI, in anticipation of the reopening and launch of the activity. They are also working on developing partnerships for their integration into the professional world.