Coordinatrice Philippines

« Qui pourra dire ne pas se souvenir de l’année 2020? Je garde en mémoire la résilience dont les Jeunes ont su faire preuve. L’agilité que les Catalystes ont su développer en toutes circonstances, toujours dans l’intérêt d’accompagner les Jeunes. Enfin, l’innovation de l’équipe LP4Y dans sa globalité permettant le développement de nouvelles pédagogies et activités avec nos partenaires. D’un point de vue personnel, ma position de coordinatrice Philippines, depuis l’Inde, est un réel challenge qui me permet d’affirmer qu’avec une vision tournée vers le futur, une cohésion d’équipe et de l’agilité, c’est possible ! En effet, l’équipe philippine, avec les Jeunes, développe de nouveaux projets à impact positif fort sur les communautés, que je vous invite à découvrir.»



In April 2020, amid the repeated lockdowns imposed in Manila, Tondo was hit by a devastating fire. The Youth, Stars and Catalysts took action: organizing the distribution of clothing and food to the community; helping to rebuild one Youth’s house; and developing remote learning. The partners got involved and mock interviews with Decathlon, Baker Hughes and private citizens were organized for all the Manila centers, as well as a virtual company visit with H&M, and online training with CapGemini.
The Training & Development Center pedagogy has been implemented and the Micro Economic Initiative is now Care 4 Change, a high-impact activity for the community. The Youth in the program offer Young mothers competitively priced diapers and infant milk, workshops aimed at raising awareness about health and nutrition for babies and young children. There is also a consulting area where the Youth can receive Young mothers to discuss their needs with them, before directing them towards other specialist organisations.
The Young mothers in the program, as well as the Stars, can once again entrust their children to the Little Angels Academy, where early learning is now organized by age group.

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In central Cebu, the Youth teams and their Coaches prepared an action plan for launching the Micro Economic Initiative Host 4 Change. The Youth would develop skills in the hospitality sector as they operated this solidarity hotel.
Cebu Island is known for its tourism with high potential for recruiting young people. The pandemic forced the center to close in June 2020.
In 2021, local Catalysts have been hired and the Youth are working on the new visual identity of the MEI, in anticipation of the reopening and launch of the activity. They are also working on developing partnerships for their integration into the professional world.



Like other centers in the Philippines, the Coaches kept the program going remotely during the first months of the pandemic, and the Youth experienced great difficulty in finding jobs.
In order to keep developing activities, Filipino Catalysts were recruited on local contracts and the Taguig center adopted a 6-month pedagogy. Professional integration was increasingly hard for the Youth, and so, to support the inhabitants of Taguig in their search for employment, the Micro Economic Initiative Healthy Corner has become Work 4 Change. This new MEI has real meaning in this part of the city where two very distinct worlds coexist: that of an excluded community and that of multinationals.
This year, the Youth are working in collaboration with partners to develop professional training content to support adults in the community in their search for employment. They train them in writing resumes and covering letters. These training sessions also focus on public speaking and how to showcase their skills during interviews. They provide a great opportunity for the Youth to transmit the knowledge they acquired during their courses and to develop their managerial skills. These training courses are online to overcome the various restrictions.

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Entrepreneur, Step, previously Healthy Corner program

"When I joined LP4Y, I dreamed of having a happy life one day. Whenever I saw office workers, I dreamed of working in an office too. I started dreaming bigger and taking on challenges every day. Attendance is very important to me because every day is an opportunity to learn and I don't want to miss the successes, the tips, the challenges and the moments with the team and the coach. Direct contact with customers has developed my self-confidence and my communication. I learned how to run a business, how to speak in public and I developed my sales techniques."

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The situation for the Young Inmates of the prison programs at Lapu-Lapu in Cebu and in Iligan has been particularly dire. All visits were banned because of the pandemic. After months of discussions with the authorities of the two prisons, solutions were found that allowed the Youth of the two Origin programs to continue their training.
At Lapu-Lapu City Jail in Cebu, the Coach relies on the support of 11 Stars from the program, still in prison, to train the Youth. For a month, our partner Virtualahan provided 3 remote IT training sessions per week. Finally, as soon as restrictions are lifted, the Youth and the Stars will organize regular training sessions for all inmates.
At Iligan City Jail, the Coach, with the help of the prison officers, set up remote training sessions. In addition, an office has been made available to the Coach once a week so that she can meet and work with the Stars.



Coach, Origin program, Iligan City Jail

“During the pandemic, the Youth had a hard time. Their family could not visit them, they were not allowed to bring food and other necessities. I visited the Jail twice a week  even if I cannot go inside to know what was happening to the Youth.The officer noticed it, he suggested reaching Origin Youth by video call. I was happy to hear that. We had a meeting discussion with BJMP Officer and Laetitia, the LP4Y Philippines Coordinator to continue the online sessions. I’m thankful to the City Jail officer for understanding us.”