Nepal coordinator

 “Between lockdowns, a heavily impacted labor market, and a reduced workforce, LP4Y Nepal has experienced many challenges. This did not prevent the project from expanding: We welcomed the first Youth to the Green Village Kathmandu; opened a second program; and fitted out the Little Angels Academy in the Tinkune Koteswhor center. Having the teams present in the field was crucial, for the Youth of course, but also for the ecosystem. By implementing measures to support the community, new partnerships and new projects have developed.”


The Tinkune Koteshwor center is dedicated to supporting Young mothers in the slums of Shantinagar and Sinamangal. Despite the pandemic, the year was pivotal for the Kathmandu center. It was one of the first to adopt the Training & Development Center pedagogy: a transition facilitated by Micro-Economic Initiatives aimed at the community. In fact, in February 2020 the Young Women of the program were already running nutrition workshops for the local community.
This year saw the creation of a second team in June 2020, the integration of the first Youth and therefore the creation of the Stars Club, and the move to a new, larger center. The Little Angels Academy was therefore on site and professionalized, with the recruitment of the first nurse. The new space also includes an area for digital communication and there is space to organize workshops and welcome the community.
After studying the needs of the local community, the MEIs became Care 4 Change and Connect 4 Change. The Youth of the Care 4 Change program organized workshops on early marriage and hygiene, including a special hygiene workshop for children. All training content is supplemented with the help of partners who are experts in the subject, such as We For Change.

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Fonder of Victor Hugo Manjushree Vidyapith, Kathmandu

“I think it is very useful in Nepal to replicate the LP4Y model and work in places like Jagritinagar or even in rural areas. LP4Y has definitely a place here. Everyday 500 Youth leave the country. The rest are Youth who migrate from villages to big cities, they become extremely poor, some join networks of delinquents or have to sleep in the street. These Youth don’t have any more connections and fall into a vicious circle. This population would really benefit from this training. I have been very happy to welcome the volunteers here; I have put them in contact with the Mayor of the locality who is eager to engage the city in the project for the Youth.”