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Lebanon coordinator

“2020 has been a particularly difficult year for the Lebanese. In the current circumstances, the values that LP4Y holds dear -courage, agility, the strong will to leave no one behind - are more necessary than ever if we are to continue to give meaning to the very concept of a «life project». The creation of the first Training & Development Center in Beirut, and the launch of the Green Village project, herald many pressing challenges that must be met. The aim of our teams today is to guide the Youth so that they are able to take advantage of employment opportunities, even during the crisis.’’

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With the support of the Order of Malta Lebanon

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More than 50% of Lebanese live below the poverty line. Impoverished living conditions; damage following the explosion in August 2020; and mass unemployment: this is the daily reality for Lebanese Youth. In response to this situation and with the support of the Order of Malta in Lebanon, LP4Y is opening its first Training & Development Center.
After several months of prospecting and field studies, the teams settled in Bourj Hammoud, a suburb near Beirut. The center will host 2 programs, 1 of which will be exclusively dedicated to supporting Young women. The LP4Y team based in Lebanon must now take care of renovation work in the center, recruit the Youth, develop a network of business partners, connect with institutions and other local actors, as well as open the first Green Village.


20 yo, Management Step, TDC Bourj Hammoud, Beirut

"I joined Life Project 4 Youth to learn how to run a business. Now I just entered Management step. This is my 4th month in LP4Y and day after day I improved my self-confidence, day after day it is easier to communicate with strangers and my english and digital skills are increasing as well. My next target is to develop myself even more, improve my mock interviews and review my resume. But the most important is that here I learn team spirit. Now that I am a manager I can handover my knowledge to my teammates!"