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gaelle xatard

Indonesia coordinator

“Approaching each day side by side with these Youth who are so eager to give the best of themselves energizes the entire team of Catalysts on the ground, and provides an endless source of reflection and self-analysis. We have enthusiastic local partners who also challenge us, encouraging us to expand our activities. The mood is one of reconstruction, moving forward, hand in hand. We are looking to the future and towards new projects!”




In partnership with Atmabrata

The Source of Life (SOL) program, which provides an essential service for the community, kept its activities going to meet the local demand for drinking water. The Youth sold a total of 6,019 gallons (over 22,000 liters) in 2020, providing a daily supply of safe drinking water to more than 150 homes in the community.
The Cilincing LPC Stars Club was eager to maintain a presence in the community and remained active despite the pandemic. Accompanied by Catalysts and Youth from the program, they set up food distribution and kept in touch with locals.
The Matakita program, focusing on eye health awareness, resumed operations in August 2020. More than 597 people received free eye tests and documentation on the subject. Our partner Essilor actively participated in the relaunch of the MEI with business training sessions and the sale of equipment at low prices.
In 2021, the center begins switching to the Training Development Center pedagogy. Teams will be all women, and the first Little Angels Academy will open its doors, serving the Young women of the program and the community. Finally, local partners will be mobilized to promote the integration of Young people in their own neighborhoods.



Management Step Source of Life, Jakarta

“Before LP4Y I was helping my parents and finished high school. I wanted to go to university but I couldn’t pay. I joined LP4Y to learn English because it is very important at this time and I want to get a good job in the future. I want to become a teacher because I would like to share my knowledge. When I arrived I was not confident. Now I speak English in a proper way and I wear professional clothes. I can speak in front of people and I am able to manage asmall business in team. I am the HR Coordinator of SoL. My biggest challenge is to manage the team, until the end of my program because it is very difficult. But I know I can do it.”




In partnership with Yayasan Kasih Bangsa Surabaya

In 2020, in response to a request from YKBS, a local organization, LP4Y Indonesia set up a Training & Development Center dedicated to supporting Young women living near the port of Surabaya, who rarely go to school and generally marry very young. The Youth live in small, unsanitary houses and are kept busy either helping their parents with fishing activities or carrying out a combination of precarious jobs.
After a few months, the Catalysts moved into a new center and activated an ecosystem of actors who were ready to invest in the development of the project. The arrival of the first Youth was delayed by the pandemic, but the Catalysts kept busy, carrying out various initiatives with partners, such as distributing masks in Surabaya with the Kasih Bangsa Foundation.
The first mission of the Young women who join the center will be to carry out a study in the local community to decide the nature of the Micro Economic Initiatives to be developed by the Youth.