India Coordinator

“The lifting of the lockdowns, starting in June 2020, breathed a new energy into the teams of Youth and Catalysts, who were keen to get to work and resume their activities.
There are multiple new projects, and more and more Youth are achieving professional integration. New Catalysts joined us in the field starting in October, bringing their enthusiasm and helping to stabilize and strengthen the existing positive energy. 2020 demonstrated that out of crisis opportunities emerge that are just waiting to be seized: digital development, adapted pedagogy, recruitment of local Catalysts ... We are all ready to meet the challenges of 2021!”

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The center in Sangam Vihar, a very deprived area in South Delhi, hosts two teams, 95% of whose members are young women.
After the center became a Training & Development Center in 2020 and a study of local needs was carried out within the local community, the Khazana micro-activity became Train 4 Change. Twice a week, the Young people offer English workshops and digital training to the local community.
Sangam Vihar was the very first center to implement the weekly use of Digital Inc. (see p.26) and the Youth were involved in refining LP4Y’s digital pedagogy through role-play and giving regular feedback.
In July 2020, the French Ambassador to India paid an official visit to the center. The Youth were able to show him the site, the pedagogy and their activity.
For 2021, the focus is on developing and diversifying these training courses for the community. The Youth are divided into project teams and work on developing English and digital training content. To strengthen this process, a digital “talent week” (a week spent working in collaboration with the employees of a partner company) has been organized with teams from General Electric. The goal is for Youth and professionals to work together, creating content that will be used for all the activities provided in the TDCs: English, IT, employment support, professional presentation, Résumé writing, health, etc.



Star of Khazana

“I completed my 12th grade but because of financial problems, I couldn’t go to a university. I thought I would never be able to join a company because I am handicapped. I will always remember my first day at LP4Y: I couldn’t understand anything! But day after day, I improved a lot. I am now more confident and I can handle responsibilities. Besides, I am now the President of the Stars Club in Delhi, I organize Stars dinners and lunches, give tips to other Youths about LP4Y trainings, interviews and jobs. My challenge is to make it a professional network and to improve the team spirit. With the last seminar organised in Chennai by LP4Y, I achieved one of my dreams: taking the plane. Thank you to all the coaches, you work really hard to help us to change our lives!”



In the heart of Kannagi Nagar, a slum relocation area in the city of Chennai that is home to more than 150,000 inhabitants, the center hosts 2 teams, 95% of whose members are Young women.
The Training & Development Center was one of the few centers that maintained face-to-face contact with small groups of Youth throughout the year. The Youth carried out a study on the local health situation and actively contributed to supplying food and sharing information about the pandemic.
The sports field and the Little Angels Academy have been renovated and professionalized.
Through the management of the MEI Move 4 Change, the Youth develop their skills in project management, events, communication, etc. Together, they educate their community on the values of sport, mobilizing with the organization of weekly practice sessions (yoga, Zumba and badminton) as well as the occasional football or basketball tournament. They are also developing tools that promote the benefits of regular physical activity.

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Autonomy Step, Community Champions of Change

“I have two daughters of 5 and 3 years old, and a son of 18 months. One of my daughters remains at the village to go to school that is why I travel 6 hours by bus every weekend to see her. I stopped school when I was 16 to get married and before joining LP4Y 2 months ago, I was staying at home to take care of my children. My husband suggested me to join LP4Y to improve my knowledge. Every day, I wake up at 5, cook lunch for him, prepare my kids, clean my house and then I go to the center while my children go to LP4Y’s nursery. With LP4Y, I’ve used a computer for the first time in my life! I learnt how to use it, how to be professional and how to speak in front of people.”



In Malwani, a district in the north of Mumbai with a population of 500,000 inhabitants, the center provides training to two teams of Young women from the shanty towns of Amboj’Wadi and Azmi Nagar, with a new intake every 6 months.
This year was characterized by the committed involvement and agility of the Stars and Youth. At their initiative and with the support of the Coaches, they mobilized local authorities and other organizations. For over a month, they organized the distribution of 370 food rations, in partnership with AIMS Foundation, providing support for around 75 families per week.
When the center reopened, the MEI, which was already oriented towards community service, facilitated the transition into a Training & Development Center. Lifeline therefore became Care 4 Change. The first team specializes in health advice about menstruation (pain, hygiene, protection, etc.), which is a very taboo subject in the communities where the centers are located. These training sessions will also be given by videoconference in all LP4Y centers. The second team specializes in child nutrition (hygiene, nutrients, diet during pregnancy, etc.). The two teams of Youth have already trained more than 80 women from their community and are working on the professionalization of content, in partnership with specialists in these two fields.



The center in DJ Halli, a slum in the north of the city of Bangalore, is totally dedicated to supporting Young Women. It was the first in India to switch to the Training & Development Center pedagogy in August 2020.
With Connect 4 Change (formerly Digi’Women) the Young Women provide 3 digital tools training sessions per week to Young girls and women in the community: basic computer skills; Gmail; Microsoft Office; Google Drive; Google Forms, etc. In this way, they develop their IT skills, learn how to share their knowledge by training others living in the slum and combat digital illiteracy, a major cause of social and professional exclusion.
The two teams of 18 Youth are working diligently to professionalize training content and to set up different slots according to level and age group. The objective is to develop a more individualized follow-up and to encourage the Young women and girls who attend the training courses to continue developing their digital skills over the long term.
As pioneers in running this particular activity, the Youth are also involved in training the teams in other TDCs. For example, while preparations were afoot for the launch of the Connect 4 Change activity at the Tinkune Koteshwor TDC in Kathmandu, Nepal, there were multiple exchanges between the Youth there and the teams at DJ Halli.



The city of Howrah is the final destination for vast numbers of migrants from rural West Bengal and Bangladesh, and is home to the largest number of excluded people in Greater Kolkata.
The Youth showed motivation and determination despite following an exclusively digital pedagogy and being hit by Cyclone Amphan in May 2020. Together, they continued to develop their professional projects through training, mock interviews and one-on-one remote interviews with their Coach. A partner week has been organized for when the center reopened. Every day, a professional came to provide specific training (communication, human resources, etc.).
In the summer, the first Youths completed the program, the Stars Club was created, and two Stars started a food delivery business; an experience that allows them to use the skills they developed during their LP4Y training.
The center is currently being transformed into a Training & Development Center. The teams have moved into the new building to start developing the long-awaited center of excellence.