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What is the Transquadra? 

Solo or duo, the Transquadra crosses the Atlantic in two stages (from Lorient to Madeira, then from Madeira to Martinique). It is reserved for enlightened amateurs over 40 years old.


With the definition of the word amateur, the race clearly displays its spirit: that of competition, yes, but friendly! The competitors of the Transquadra thus share a passion for sailing and its values: effort, entrepreneurial spirit, high standards and courage… that of going after one's dreams!

The route


August 18, 2021

Departure from Lorient to Madeira

January 29, 2022

Departure from Madeira for Martinique

Alexis VAGANAY and Arnaud MINVIELLE met on the water during their studies in 1994 and never left each other. They have scoured the seas and regattas for 25 years with good humor and seriousness. Both form a tandem at sea who know each other by heart and understand each other with their eyes closed. They place their very strong sporting, professional and societal commitment in the service of the common good above all else. The donations collected thanks to Alexis and Arnaud's race will help support 25 young people towards decent and sustainable professional inclusion.

How did we meet?


The donations collected thanks to the race run by Alexis & Arnaud will help support 25 young people towards decent and sustainable professional inclusion.


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Help us and support young people from extreme poverty! Encourage the social and professional inclusion of these young people through entrepreneurship! 

LP4Y volunteers set up various initiatives to raise funds. Alexis and Arnaud are thus preparing to cross the Atlantic as participants in the Transquadra regatta which begins on August 18, 2021! They hope to raise funds for LP4Y!

Below are some examples of contributions that can change the lives of these Young Adults: 

10€: Youth welcome kit (polo shirt, diary, ID Card)

25€: One week of full support for a young person 

100€: One month of full support for a young person

600€:Six months of full support for a young person 

1200€: Accompaniment of a young person throughout his program until his integration

7500€: Cost of equipping a Training & Development Center


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