Testimonies of the Youth from GV Raipur - Batch #2

Laxmi SAHU (Growth makers company) found a job during her first week of job search (she became computer teacher in an NGO, Badhte Kadam), and is super grateful about her experience.

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She is 21 years old and works as a Computer Trainer in BARTHE KADAM (NGO) in Pandri

Before LP4Y

I am Laxmi Sahu, I am 21-year-old, I was living in Dongargarh (C.G.) a simple student life.

Lanivie from LP4Y visited once the place of my vocational training and gave us information about the LP4Y Green Village Saragaon in Raipur. Then I became very motivated to join this 3 months residential program. Because it is a great opportunity to change my life and achieve my target and dream job. I want to become a computer teacher because I really like it and there is a higher demand for this subject for this generation.

Experience in LP4Y

My personal experience is that LP4Y is a big step for Youth development and that it is a best platform for your knowledge development. I get job experience in this place, I worked there in different departments.

I had wonderful experience in that place to increase my knowledge, self-confidence, friendship with other Youth in different villages, states and my communication with the foreign coaches in english. How to manage the company's critical situation and manage the employee. How to grow our company values.

Learn in LP4Y

I learn there many things : personality development, time management, Good communication, how to present ourselves, explain our ideas. Increase self-knowledge, computer work in drive. How to plan events, how to work together, in different micro companies, in different departments. How to manage our expenses and money. I thought I learned there the most important thing: we respect every person and animal. We learn about save the nature and save the earth.

Personal development

Self-motivation, self-independence, confidence, communication to different people. Manage all critical situations in our life.

My company during the Green Village training

My company name during the Green Village training is Growth makers. My post was in HR and finance manager and I had many responsibilities in each department and created our company values, motto, logo, rules of our company, daily report, weekly report, monthly report, presentation of our company.

Different departments in our company: - Team manager, human resources, communication manager, purchase manager, production manager, finance manager.

GV pedagogy

I like GV pedagogy because I had different tasks and coaches and trainers encourage to achieve to my target job and suggested and helped me during job search, helped me prepare my resume. This is most important document in your job interview…

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