Let's welcome our partners!

Debajyoti Paul - Cubic Job - Designated Partner

Arpita Gosh - Cubic Job - Coach Career

Anirban Naskar - Senior Bartender

Ankit Gupta - ECW - CEO

Jack Fareday - Independent Journalist

Animesh - Next is You - CEO

Youth introduction

When the partners are coming to our center (Anirban, Animesh, Ankit, Debajyoti and Jack) they are coming to give testimonies, they are talking about their journey, how could they achieve success, what are the steps ? How to achieve all the things ? They are trying to motivate us for the future, talking about how to give interviews, communication and ect.

Debajyoti Paul - Cubic Job - Designated Partner

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Arpita Gosh - Cubic Job - Career Coach

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Jack Fareday - Independent Journalist

"I thoroughly enjoyed interacting with the young people at LP4Y Howrah: they weren't just receptive – they actively engaged in every activity. It isn't hard to see how much they will learn in their time at LP4Y, and how well they can do in life with the support of the organisation. Meeting them was an inspiring experience."

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Animesh, Founder- Next Is You

"I have been connected with LP4Y for almost a year and I have been conducting skill training classes for the youths. The experience has been awesome as I get to know about the first-hand problem that is being faced by the youth from the underprivileged sector of society. This helps me structure my skill training startup Next Is You better. The coaches have been co-operative and friendly too! Hope we can continue the collaboration and take this partnership to the next level with some new projects. Eager to serve a bigger purpose. All the best to all the enthusiasts connected to the organization!"

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Anirban Naskar - Senior Bartender

"I am very happy that the young generation was listening to my speech with great enthusiasm. The main problem nowadays is that when you belong to an under-priviledged family, you want to do something immediately with a high salary. In this situation I am trying to understand, and explain to them the “step by step” process to improve their knowledge and fix targets. Don't lose patience! Right now the Youth need support for their future and to improve their knowledge ."

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Ankit Gupta - ECW - CEO

"Life project for youth (LP4Y) is a treasure for the entire country and the world at large.Their selfless effort and unparalleled leadership to uplift the society by bringing out the best of the underprivileged youths is highly appreciable.I’ve personally felt enriched through my association with this esteemed organization."

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Life Project 4 Youth Alliance is a federation of 19 organizations in 13 countries whose mission is the development of innovative solutions for the professional and social inclusion of Young people (17-24 yo) from extreme poverty and victims of exclusion. 

LP4Y supports the decent inclusion of thousands of Young people and their families in 41 programs, 20 Life Project Centers, 4 Little Angel Academies, 3 Green Villages, 4 Youth hostels, 2 LP4Y Labs in South East Asia, South Asia, Middle East, Europe and America.

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