How LP4Y changed my life

Rakhi Sardar, Star of R.I.D.E program, Hossenpur, India

My name is Rakhi Sardar, I’m 22 years old and I come from China Mandir in Kolkata. I live with my mother and my brother. My mum has a shop, and my brother is working in the car showroom.

Before LP4Y, I was staying at home with my mum. I left my Education in March in 2018 because of a family problem. Then, in October 2018, I joined the LP4Y program at 21 years old and I finished it in July in 2019. I heard about LP4Y from my friend. She convinced me to join LP4Y, she told me that they can help me to find a job and I always wanted to have a job because I want to be independent.

My experience in LP4Y program was to be part of the in R.I.D.E team in finance and marketing department.

After joined LP4Y, I changed myself a lot! Before I did not have ​self-confidence​, I was ​very shy and when I ​talked to people, I get nervous. Also, I did not know how to use a ​computer.

Now, with LP4Y I gained a lot of confidence. For example, I had to go School and I had to talk to the principal of a school to explain the games of R.I.D.E program I did it so ​I can be proud of myself. As you can see, today I can talk about my life so I’m not shy anymore.

Now I’m working as a receptionist in Interdominion from September 2019. I use the computer and send emails everyday.

My dream job is to work in a ​bank as an accountant. Receptionist is not my Dream job. It can help me to reach my dream job. With my current Job I will earn and save some money that which allow me to fulfil my dream.

For the next 5 years I want to fulfil my dream job, becoming an account in a bank. For that I have to work hard, And in LP4Y I learn that everything is possible in our life if we have the intention to get our dream job.

Finally I want to say that I was very lucky to be part of LP4Y program and get the support, guidance and motivation from LP4Y team.

They taught me how to achieve my goals and how to start my professional path. Before, I thought that I could not reach my goals, but LP4Y always support me and kept me going, so I want to thank you for your help to reach my potential.

Thank you.

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