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The current situation, unprecedented and unpredictable, is one that requires us, like the rest of the world, to take exceptional measures.
The Youth and their families are the most affected by the consequences of this global health and economic crisis, that’s why we need your help today in order to support them.

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Throughout the crisis, LP4Y chose to pursue its mission and maintained its daily support to the Youth. Here is a detailed report of actions carried out during the crisis and an assessment of their impacts.


Now that lockdown measures prescribed by local authorities tend to soften, we are progressively able to get back to the normal functioning of the LP4Y centers. LP4Y’s mission of supporting excluded young adults in the construction of their life project is more than ever a key stake in societies where unemployment and school dropping have become priority challenges for the next months. 

In those times of uncertainty, we maintain our activities with the greatest alertness and strictly comply with sanitary instructions locally established.

LP4Y also decided to step back on what happened during the previous months and capitalize on this experience to take the best for the future of the activities and team management.


Based on the collected information from the field, the feedback report gathers : 

  • information on how the pandemic affected LP4Y activities

  • strategy to adapt to the situation

  • an assessment on good practices, areas for improvement and solutions to be implemented in the future


Dive into the presentation of the project and the detailed feedback on Covid-19 crisis to discover how LP4Y reacted to the situation and took it as an opportunity to improve its ways of working.


Many of you have expressed the desire to support our action. And thanks to the thoughtful and generous initiatives launched by the LP4Y teams in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom and the United States, we have been able to start funding our response to this crisis (increased allowances, general price increase, investment in LP4Y Digital projects). However, the crisis is not yet over and above all we must now prepare for what comes next. We know how busy the coming months will be and that our usual sources of funding might be compromised.

But above all we need you to show interest! The inclusion that lies at the heart of our mission has never just been about economics. It is a question of increasing the visibility of the Youth, of showing that they exist, despite the fact that many of them do not actually exist on paper. To escape exclusion, it is not enough to find a decent job; the Youth can only be considered fully included on the day their word counts. So please take the time to read the Youth’s testimonies in LP4Y Stories. Share them and talk about the LP4Y movement to those around you!

Thank you for your support.


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