Transformations at the heart of exclusion

Lucie Taurines worked as a volunteer with LP4Y in the Philippines for three years from 2013 until 2015, first as a coach with Green Program, then in charge of partnerships, and subsequently as country coordinator. She is now President of LP4Y France.


Her book, written following her 3 years as a volunteer, describes her mission in a nutshell. It is more than just a record; it is an invitation to join an adventure. We accompany Lucie as she takes her flight to Manila and meets Angelo, Reandro, Myla, and many other Youth who have nothing. We observe her daily involvement with excluded Young Adults living in extreme poverty. And she talks candidly about the transformative effect of these encounters, both on her and on the Youth. Let’s hope this book is read by many!

Summary : The streets of Manila are full of Young Adults, aged between 17 and 24, rejected by their families, ex-prisoners, young mothers… They survive by their wits, and each day is a fresh challenge.

Ever since LP4Y started in 2009, volunteers have been coming to live side by side with these Youth and show them that they are not alone, that their destiny isn’t predetermined, and that they can build a life project. Life Project 4 Youth (LP4Y) is an NGO working for the professional and social insertion of excluded Young adults. Their program offers “Two years to escape exclusion!”.

Lucie Taurines chose to turn her back on a well-planned business career and the comforts of Western life, to spend three years beside underprivileged Young Adults. In this exciting journal, she recounts her mission, punctuated by tears and laughter, dramatic episodes and successes. An exceptional adventure, full of discoveries and outstanding personalities, in which the author also went through a personal journey of self-discovery.

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