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When the organization of sporting events was banned, the Young Women of PayataSport found an outlet for their creativity by developing a YouTube channel on which they shared tutorials on sporting activities such as Zumba. Their videos were followed by more than 3,000 people. The Fashion 4 Youth team created a new catalog and product promotion video, as well as producing tote bags for Catalysts completing their mission. They organized 14 events throughout the year, selling their products and raising awareness of LP4Y.
While these digital initiatives were ongoing, a delegation from the French Embassy came to meet the Youth and talk with them.
In 2021, the center will become a Training & Development Center. More Young women will be supported and PayataSport will be renamed Move 4 Change. There will be an advocacy element in addition to the multisport club activity, also managed by the Young women. They will operate awareness campaigns on the benefits of sport using their social networks. With the publication of content on their Facebook page (videos of sports sessions, testimonials from sports Coaches, nutritionists, etc.), they will develop their communication skills and become advocates in their community.



22 yo, Entrepreneur Step, Payatas LPC, Manilla

" Joining LP4Y is the best experience and the best decision I've ever made. I don't think I would be in this position of mine right now if not for this great opportunity. Taking training, adapting to new changes and challenges gives me more power to be strong, to survive the days I thought I would give up and to continue striving harder for me to achieve my goals and dreams in life. Now that I am in the kind of work where I have a chance to learn new things I'm thinking of the great achievement I will gain. It's a new beginning for me and I believe new challenges are on it's way but I'm ready to face it because LP4Y has been my inspiration to learn that there's always a way I can get the dream that my heart desires. "

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In the Cagayan de Oro center, half of the Youth supported are deaf and mute. Sign language is therefore the official means of communication for teamwork. In 2020, the teams stepped up advocacy on behalf of Deaf and Mute Youth and created a booklet for learning sign language.
A Community Mobilizer was hired and is working hard to find integration partners who will support the Youth in their search for internships and as they prepare their first steps in the professional world.
This year, despite a much tougher climate for socio-professional integration, 12 Youth have entered the decent world: in the restaurant sector, as English teachers or as sales managers.
In 2021, the famous “Hear Us Café” operated by the Youth will be renovated. The Youth are working on creating a new visual identity to develop their clientele. The café is also becoming a popular venue for workshops and sessions on sign language training and learning to live together.




“I finished LP4Y in February 2021 and had a wonderful experience. I got hired on a job at Georgetown Jollibee in March. I can see that for us deaf people, it is more challenging to find a job when we are graduated. But working hard, we find a job. I am proud. I am very lucky to be part of the LP4Y program and get the support and motivation from the team. Thank you to all the Coaches that have helped me in the past.”