Little Angels Academies are a solution that was developed that support Young mothers. They allow the Young mothers to concentrate on the program full-time by guaranteeing a healthy environment for their children. LAAs provide the ideal setting for children’s well-being and development.

In areas of extreme poverty and exclusion it is very common for women to become pregnant at an early age. There are many reasons for this: lack of information, limited access to health services and infrastructures, sexual violence … Young women often find themselves caring for one or more young children. Family pressure and financial problems mean that they stay at home, stopping school in order to care for their children. Most of them have received no education in child care and recreate the family pattern. Children younger than 4 do not have to go to school, and although school is free for children aged 4 and above, parents have to buy uniforms, books and school supplies. It is therefore very common for Young Mothers to keep children at home, even after the age of 4.



They provide a safe environment in which the children can grow, and are properly equipped with a kitchen, bathroom and dormitory.

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There is a dedicated team of Little Angels Catalysts: a global LAA coordinator – a coordinator for each LAA – One or more assistants per LAA. In addition, the Young Mothers take it in turns to help out in the LAA.


The Young Mothers, who are learning to be independent, are required to pay to put their children in the Little Angels Academy.


The children are given healthy meals and their parents learn about the importance of a balanced lifestyle.

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There are sporting activities every morning, and regular external visits (museums, parks etc).


Each child follows an educational program and receives individual follow-up.


Each child receives a regular medical check-up in a local hospital, and Little Angels Catalysts receive first aid training for children.


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In Tondo, the biggest slum in Manila, more than 40 Young Mothers aged 17-24 attend the Training & Development Center every day as they prepare their future. Little Angels Academy, which opened 6 years ago, provides child care to about 20 children while their Mothers are at training. Demand is on the rise and the LAA will soon be moving to new, bigger and better premises to offer improved conditions to the growing children.


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Responsability Step, Solareto program

“I’m 19 and I have 2 boys: Florience (2) and Renlex (10 months). I joined Solareto in the Tondo LPC because I want to develop my skills and improve my English. I also want to give a better future to my two children. It is important for us Young Mothers to have a Little Angels Academy close to the Center. I’m really grateful because it allows me to go the LPC and my children are looked after, cared for and taught every day."



The Payatas LPC opened in February 2018 near the rubbish dumps that many families call home, and soon there were about forty Young Women attending the programs, thanks to the creation of a Little Angels Academy in a newly renovated building close to the center.

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Little Angels Academies coordinator

“We are committed to providing our “Little Angels” with a suitable place where they can grow and learn. Our academies provide teaching, medical and lifestyle support (nutrition, hygiene, sporting activities) as well as art and craft activities. We believe in creating a little corner of paradise, beside the dump sites.



At the Chennai Training & Development Center, it quickly became apparent that a Little Angels Academy was needed for the Young Mothers who had no other child care solutions while they were in training. For the time being the Academy is in the TDC, but as soon as possible it will be transferred to a new building specially equipped for the children.

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Management Step, Community Champions of Change

“My name is Muthulakshmi. I’m 22 years old and I have 2 children, Anish (3) and Ashni (1). I got married at 18. I was a maid, but I had to stop when I became pregnant. Before, I didn’t know how to organize child care, but LP4Y provided a solution for when I’m doing training. I am in Management Step now. When I go to work, I need someone to look after my children. Little Angels Academy will help me. They help me to change my life."



As the Tinkune Training & Development Center welcomes only Young Women and Young Mums, a Little Angels Academy was essential. The Young women who join the program generally have one or more children and do not have anyone to take care of them during their absence. Thanks to the Tinkune Little Angels Academy, Young Mothers can drop off their children in a place that is specially geared towards the healthy development of children, where they enjoy healthy and balanced meals. LAA is managed by a Young Mother, assisted by other Young Women, every day, on a rotation system.

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