Tondo is one of the most overcrowded slums in the Philippines capital of Manila. The area is home to tens of thousands of people living in unsanitary conditions, facing violence, prostitution, addiction ... Among the inhabitants are young mothers, trying to raise their children in appalling conditions. 45 Young mothers attend the Life Project Center day after day to develop their life projects in one of three programs: Aurora, Bloom and Solareto. Meanwhile, their children are looked after at the Little Angels Academy, located next to the center.


Development of decent job opportunities, Manila, Philippines

“Before, I stayed at home and only had the money my husband gave me. My neighbors put me down, saying that a teenage mom couldn’t realize her dreams. One day, one of my friends encouraged me to join LP4Y. I learned a lot. Not just English and computer skills, but also how to be professional and become more independent and stronger. It’s what I always wanted to be, ever since I was little. Now I work for LP4Y. I learn how to motivate my community and work with the local authorities. I realized that my dream was actually to be a woman who can help her community to develop and escape poverty.”



The LP4Y Entrepreneurs House is located between two worlds: that of shantytowns and that of the big business districts of the Filipino capital. The center offers a space where the Youth can exchange ideas with the partners who choose to work with them. The geographical proximity to businesses and universities means that the Youth at Healthy Corner - the micro economic activity developed in the center - are well-placed to deliver snacks to the local businesses. The products are freshly prepared in the professional kitchen and provided at events. A second program, Healthy Corner 2, will soon open in the center.