The Youth at the Paharganj LPC are always ready to face new challenges, undertake new projects and meet new partners. Young Adults, mainly Young Men, come daily to the Paharganj Center from slums north of Delhi. They work on their life projects and develop Yummy, an economic micro-economic activity that produces healthy, homemade, sweet and savory snacks. This year, the Youth have developed a catering service, participated in many events, and improved the offers for their clients and partners. Many Young people have found decent jobs and now actively participate in the New Delhi Stars Club. The challenges ahead are to vary the sales channels and create new recipes to best meet demand.


Computer trainer, SEB, Delhi

“I‘ve been working for SEB Group India for 6 years as Accounts & Finance Manager. My first visit to the LPC Sangam Vihar in Delhi was very memorable: I really enjoyed the renovation activities with the Youth. After that, I looked into the details of LP4Y pedagogy for youth development and I got really inspired by the project. We all know that “knowledge sharing increases our knowledge”. I joined LP4Y in July 2017 and I provide basic computer trainings (MS Office, use of Internet, job search consultancy, resume update, etc.) in Paharganj center. I believe that IT knowledge should be in every place today. I am proud to have joined as volunteer and the more time I spend with the Youth, the more I feel positive. Thus, I recommend this experience to everyone.”



Both programs are fully subscribed, mainly by Young women, and there is a waiting list for motivated young people who wish to join LP4Y. The Sangam Vihar LPC is located in the largest poor area of ​​South Delhi. 30 young adults attend the programs, but there are also seminars and workshops involving external trainers. The two Khazana programs, which produce decorative objects and furniture, have improved and increased their catalogue of products. The challenge now is to improve the quality of products and develop the range of small furniture. Many of these young adults have found stable and decent work in international companies and are actively engaged in the activities of the New Delhi Stars Club. The next challenge is to develop "Do It Yourself" trainings to encourage craftsmanship among local and migrant residents


Star of Khazana 2, Delhi

“I completed my 12th grade but because of financial problems, I couldn’t go to a university. I thought I would never be able to join a company because I am handicapped. I will always remember my first day at LP4Y: I couldn’t understand anything! But day after day, I improved a lot. I am now more confident and I can handle responsibilities. Besides, I am now the President of the Stars Club in Delhi, I organize Stars dinners and lunches, give tips to other Youths about LP4Y trainings, interviews and jobs. My challenge is to make it a professional network and to improve the team spirit. With the last seminar organised in Chennai by LP4Y, I achieved one of my dreams: taking the plane. Thank you to all the coaches, you work really hard to help us to change our lives!”



The Chennai Life Project Center opened in June 2018 in the middle of the Kannagi Nagar relocation site at the southern end of the city. Two teams of Youth, working initially out of temporary space on loan from the municipality, launched the Community Champions of Change program, which aims to bring the local community together by organizing sporting events. The key words are well-being and cohesion. The new center, which has just been completed, opened in September 2019. It also has a sports field for the development of the micro-economic activity and a nursery for children of the Young mothers enrolled in the program. Badminton and carrom tournaments are organized twice a week, as well as other events created with the support of internationally renowned companies from the sports sector. A third team will soon be active!