Green Villages are established in regions away from the big cities, and offer a pedagogy that is specially tailored for Youth living in rural communities. In the future, each new country in which LP4Y operates will benefit from several Life Project Centers, and at least one Green Village.

A Green Village is an ecovillage built using natural and traditional building methods that respect the environment and aim at a circular economy. A Green Village is a home for the Youth and for the supervising team, and the infrastructures are made available to the local community.

Each month, the Youth organize activities designed to raise awareness within the community. Soon, all Green Villages will be equipped to organize events to raise awareness about environmental protection and the professional integration of Youth.


Located 4 hours south of Manila, Calauan is a relocation zone for thousands of families from the capital’s slums. Living conditions there are particularly harsh due to the lack of infrastructure and geographic isolation. Since 2013, 237 Youth have acquired their first positive professional experience here, in a supportive and ecological environment. They run 3 Micro Economic Initiatives: Eco-Construction, Deco’Me and Green Garden, developing bamboo constructions, water filtration systems and the design of eco-responsible innovations. 2020 marks the end of the construction period. The Green Village will soon be able to host training sessions and events with a capacity of 400 people for daytime events and 50 residential.

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Management step, Eco-construction program

“Before joining LP4Y, I took care of my son and from time to time I did odd jobs to earn some money. I heard about LP4Y from young people from Eco-Construction. I have a few months left before I finish the program and realize my dream of becoming a computer technician. With the team, our challenge right now is to build a house by ourselves. This will be the first house built without the help of trainers. We manage the planning and we make all the decisions. It allows us to learn a lot. My message to other Youth is to never stop dreaming and to do everything they can to make their dreams come true. This is what I do every day. "


In July 2015, the Indian government launched "Skill India", a national campaign to facilitate young people's access to short professional technical training. Despite this political will, the professional integration results on completion of the training are unsatisfactory. In Chhattisgarh, the majority of young people come from farming families and live in very rural areas: they have no connection to the world of work and are not used to working in a professional environment. In partnership with the government and the professional training centers, LP4Y accompanies them towards professional stability. Thanks to a strong network of partners, more coaches to support young people and an intensive residential program, the Youth quickly find their bearings, start taking responsibility, become autonomous in their search for employment and once integrated into a company, work to facilitate the integration of successive LP4Y graduates by means of an active Stars Club.

The Green Village Raipur, in rural Chhattisgarh, opened its doors in July 2018. Since then, more than 200 Youth have been accompanied by a team of trainers, coaches and 180 local partners who generously provide professional exposure and support professional integration. During a 3-month residential program, they develop confidence and professionalism, learning to manage 9 eco-friendly micro-businesses that operate as a circular economy.



Coach, Green Village Raipur

"I come from the Indian middle class. Working with LP4Y gives me an extraordinary feeling: from the beginning, LP4Y has allowed me to use my experience to good use. I started as a community mobilizer, then ecosystem coordinator and finally coach. I learned to be patient, convincing and to believe in my own work as well as that of others. Seeing the development of 7 micro-economic activities has given me a different, more meaningful, cross-cultural and ecological vision. The Youth show a fighting spirit: in all the difficult situations they find themselves in, they are able to pick themselves up. If they motivate themselves, they can go very far. Also, they are quick to learn; in less than three months, they can speak English and communicate. As coach of the third class, I had to learn sign language. 2 of the Youth are deaf and I am very proud to be able to accompany them. I am proud to be part of this movement for a better India."



Based in Budhanilkantha, north-west of Kathmandu, the Green Village was inaugurated in January 2020 with a first batch of 20 Young women. This almost self-sufficient eco-village is composed of 4 micro-businesses: the Ukali Orali restaurant; Sapana Creation in charge of equipment and construction; Sath Sath Service for events and logistics; and Sajha Bank, creating and managing the Green Village currency. In 2020, it will support 240 Youth through entrepreneurial training focused on professional skills and on building bridges with businesses, thereby stimulating the local economy.

Life Project 4 Youth Alliance is a federation of 19 organizations in 13 countries whose mission is the development of innovative solutions for the professional and social inclusion of Young people (17-24 yo) from extreme poverty and victims of exclusion. 

LP4Y supports the decent inclusion of thousands of Young people and their families in 41 programs, 20 Life Project Centers, 4 Little Angel Academies, 3 Green Villages, 4 Youth hostels, 2 LP4Y Labs in South East Asia, South Asia, Middle East, Europe and America.

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