Green Villages are established in regions away from the big cities, and offer a pedagogy that is specially tailored for Youth living in rural communities. In the future, each new country in which LP4Y operates will benefit from several Life Project Centers, and at least one Green Village.

A Green Village is an ecovillage built using natural and traditional building methods that respect the environment and aim at a circular economy. A Green Village is a home for young people and for the supervising team, and the infrastructures are made available to the local community.

Each month, the Youth organize activities designed to raise awareness within the community. Soon, all Green Villages will be equipped to organize events to raise awareness about environmental protection and the professional integration of young people.



Located to the south of Manila, Calauan is a relocation zone for thousands of families ejected from the capital’s slums. However, the region is desperately short of infrastructure and living conditions are particularly harsh (lack of jobs, open dumps, pollution, diseases ...). 50% of young people do not finish high school and often turn to prostitution or petty crime. Against this backdrop, LP4Y began building the first Green Village in 2013, with the aim of supporting young people from rural and remote areas, and providing an ecological model that could be replicated by local communities. 45 young people and 21 working trainers work together daily to build the village. The Green Village, which hosts Youth training events, now consists of 14 bamboo buildings. The supervising team live in the village, which is also a center for the local community. 2020 will see the inauguration of a 460m² event space designed for seminars and specialized conferences on the professional integration of young people, entrepreneurship and environmental protection. The Calauan Green Village’s success can be attributed to the collaborative nature of the project and service it provides to the community. It provides a model for Green Villages being planned in other countries.

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Étape Management, programme Eco-construction

« Avant de rejoindre LP4Y, je m’occupais de mon fils et de temps en temps je faisais des petits boulots pour gagner un peu d’argent. J’ai entendu parler de LP4Y par des Jeunes d’Eco-Construction. Il me reste quelques mois avant de terminer le programme et de réaliser mon rêve de devenir technicienne informatique. Avec l’équipe, notre challenge en ce moment est de construire une maison par nous-mêmes. Cela sera la première maison construite sans l’aide des formateurs. On gère le planning et on prend toutes les décisions. Cela nous permet d’apprendre beaucoup. Mon message aux autres Jeunes est de ne jamais arrêter de rêver et de faire tout ce qu’ils peuvent pour réaliser leurs rêves. C’est ce que je fais tous les jours. »



In July 2015, the Indian government launched "Skill India", a national campaign to facilitate young people's access to short professional technical training. Despite this political will, the professional integration results on completion of the training are unsatisfactory. In Chhattisgarh, the majority of young people come from farming families and live in very rural areas: they have no connection to the world of work and are not used to working in a professional environment. In partnership with the government and the professional training centers, LP4Y accompanies them towards professional stability. Thanks to a strong network of partners, more coaches to support young people and an intensive residential program, the Youth quickly find their bearings, start taking responsibility, become autonomous in their search for employment and once integrated into a company, work to facilitate the integration of successive LP4Y graduates by means of an active Stars Club.




Green Village Raipur opened in July 2018 on land loaned by the Chhattisgarh State Government, and construction of the eco-village began after the 2019 rainy season. The village was designed to have a positive environmental impact and with the circular economy in mind: buildings made of earth according to a traditional local method; a water treatment system; waste sorting; energy self-sufficiency; a local currency; management of technical, monetary and food needs, all administered by seven micro-economic activities run by the Youth themselves. Since July 2018, the Green Village Raipur has accompanied 150 Youth, and in November 2019, the team opened the fifth class of Young Adults from the surrounding villages of Saragaon, Raipur, Bastar and Jashpur. Feedback from the first 3 graduating classes shows that 80% of Youth had found a decent job corresponding to their professional project. Every 3 months, another 60 young people are accompanied. Thanks to the professionalism of the young people and an experienced support team, 160 teaching professionals have been trained in the Green Village and pedagogy, and more than 60 local partners have joined the project, including some 30 companies who provide the Youth with opportunities for professional experience and support with their professional integration. In 2019, Green Village hosted monthly environmental awareness and protection events for the local community. The Youth often say they feel part of a "big family", experiencing the values ​​of solidarity, respect and courage, all pulling together to ensure that each individual finds a job and their place in society.