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Nepal's population is growing rapidly, making it one of the youngest countries, with 63.7% of the total population under the age of 30. Among these young people, hundreds leave the country every day because they do not see a bright future in Nepal. To find its place in the world of tomorrow, Nepal must inspire the young generation, which is why since September 2018, a team of catalysts has been deployed in Kathmandu to work on the opening of the first Life Project Center in Nepal. Located between the Bagmati River and Kathmandu airport, Jagritinagar is one of the poorest districts of the capital. Officially opened since the summer of 2019, the TDC Tinkune center is the first LP4Y center in Nepal and has already supported more than one hundred and fifty young women. A Little Angel Academy has also been set up in the center to allow young mothers to follow the training.

For its second center in Nepal, LP4Y has chosen a Green Village to respond to the challenges of rurality in Nepal.  In rural areas, the unemployment rate is 45% for women aged 25 to 34, and  33% for men of the same age. After being set up in a temporary center in 2020, Green Village Nepal took place in Godawari, a municipality known for its environment and its wildlife and sensitive to environmental issues._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

Over the past three years in Nepal, Life Project 4 Youth has been able to develop human and educational resources to begin the second phase of the project: developing an ecosystem of actors involved in the inclusion and training of Nepalese youth in the challenges of tomorrow.



Coordinator Nepal

 “Between lockdowns, a heavily impacted labor market, and a reduced workforce, LP4Y Nepal has experienced many challenges. This did not prevent the project from expanding: We welcomed the first Youth to the Green Village Kathmandu; opened a second program; and fitted out the Little Angels Academy in the Tinkune Koteswhor center. Having the teams present in the field was crucial, for the Youth of course, but also for the ecosystem. By implementing measures to support the community, new partnerships and new projects have developed.”

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Since 2019
2 centers
278 Youth
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