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After a mission lasting 7 years, and more than 300 Youth supported, LP4Y decided in March 2020 to terminate its activities in Vietnam. New projects encountered administrative difficulties, and the main cities closed down slums, scattering the poorest populations. Economic growth has led to a reduction in extreme poverty and Youth find it easier to make a living. Teams have been reassigned to other countries, to the excluded communities in greatest need.


Youth accompanied


Following the gentrification of the district and the enrichment of its population, the teams accompanied the remaining Youth until the end of their program and left the district of Hossenpur. The Stars of the center, like those of the former center of Chetla, continue to count on the support of the coaches of TDC Howrah and to be actors of the LP4Y ecosystem in Kolkata.

Youth accompanied


The Young women at the Life Project Center Ngoc Ha come from ethnic minorities in the provinces to the north of Hanoi. Far from their families and particularly vulnerable to trafficking and hardship, they live in one of the two LP4Y Youth Hostels. About 100 Youth have been supported since 2015. 25 Young women inaugurated the Bread & Smiles Café in June 2019 and successfully managed the catering and delivery service of quality pastries, dishes and desserts. The center closed in 2020.



Responsibility Step, Bread & Smiles

“Before joining LP4Y, I went to high school but I could not go to university because I was living alone and had no money. When I left to come to Hanoi, I was hoping to find a place to help me achieve my dream. I found LP4Y that is my motivation, my rainbow and my magical door. There, I am learning things I never knew before and how to succeed. I now understand that I have eyes to see, ears to listen, hands to do everything, and feet to go. Moreover, I feel the sympathy and love of the other girls with who I live. We come from everywhere but we treat each other like sisters and share joys and sorrows. We all have dream to escape from poverty and to become useful people. I believe I will become tour guide and that everyone in LP4Y will achieve their dream. Everything is difficult at first but if you really believe in yourself and do your best, you will succeed.”

Ho Chi Minh


2019 was a good year for the Life Project Center Go Vap. The Youth in the Revival program have successfully developed their activity, making furniture and objects out of recycled materials. A new program was created, dedicated to supporting the hearing impaired. These Youth are socially excluded, and have no professional opportunities. In their management of Bread & Smiles - making and selling breads and pastries, they interact with the outside world, learn to assert themselves, become independent and acquire key skills for finding decent work. Almost all the Youth have completed internships in various sectors, which is an essential step in their integration. The center closed in 2020.