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On December 16 the Super Typhoon known as “Odette” or “Rai”, devastated Lapu Lapu city in Cebu.  According to the Cebuano community, this typhoon’s impact is actually comparable to the Super Typhoon Yolanda (Hayan), the strongest tropical cyclone ever recorded.


Most of the Youth and Stars of LP4Y living in this area, lost their house. They are now facing a difficult period with no water, food shortages, no electricity nor contact with the rest of the world for the upcoming weeks. 


Despite challenges and traumas linked to the Typhoon, the LP4Y Cebu Youth demonstrated their incredible team spirit and solidarity. They immediately came to the Center the morning after the disaster to ensure the coaches safety and to start repairing. In the weeks to come, they will unite to work on re-building the houses of their teammates who need it the most. 


LP4Y - thanks to your contributions - will be able to finance the materials. The rest will be done by the teams, as a professional project from which they can learn and capitalize on for their professional inclusion. 


By making a donation today you can contribute and be part of this incredible solidarity effort that the Philippines are known for. 


Thank you for your generosity.


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