Because the holiday season is a great opportunity to do good around us, LP4Y invites you to act alongside the excluded Youth and enable them to change their lives.

At its training centers located in poor urban and rural areas in Asia and the Middle East, LP4Y gives young people living in extreme poverty the opportunity to gain work experience that will enable them to find decent employment.


There are three ways to help LP4Y support these Young People:

Put LP4Y on your Christmas wishlist, and ask your loved ones to donate to LP4Y on your behalf by sharing this message with them.


Offer a meaningful gift to your loved ones by making a donation on their behalf to LP4Y. You will receive a customizable gift voucher to put at the foot of the tree!


Simply make a donation to LP4Y

Each donation, whatever its amount, will allow the Youth within LP4Y to follow a training program allowing them to break the circle of poverty through entrepreneurship. They need you more than ever to build their life project!


This holiday season, join LP4Y and support Youth inclusion.

a Youth receives a Digital Inc. licence for life.

*Digital Inc is an online training platform designed by LP4Y for the Youth they support

With 20$

With 55$

financing of a training programme for 17 Youth for 1 month.

a Youth benefits from a complete accompaniment during 1 month.

With 225$

With 565$

25 children in a nursery benefit from drinking water and food.