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A three-year quest for a meaningful life

Lucie Dubert worked as a volunteer with LP4Y in India and Nepal for three years from 2017 until 2020, first as a Coach in Bangalore in India, then in charge of the Green Village in Nepal.


In her book, Lucie shares with us what she has learned from this experience, what the youth have taught her. By describing their lives, their daily lives, their evolution in the program, Lucie gives them a voice. Here is her story. 


Being addressed as “Bahini” (little sister) is to me an expression of tenderness, of benevolence, as if I was offered a protective shield. More than a word, it is a symbol of my successful integration, an acknowledgement of my hard work, and a clear sign that I have earned my place here.

In Bahini, Lucie shares the most powerful moments of her three years spent as a volunteer with the Life Project 4 Youth (LP4Y) organization , in the heart of slum neighborhoods in Bangalore and Kathmandu. Working for the professional integration of the poorest and most excluded young adults, she experiences the strength and resilience of these forgotten communities.

Lucie revisits her memories, guided by the eight pillars of joy discussed by the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu in The Book of Joy (published by Cornerstone, Penguin Random House). Calling on a wealth of true anecdotes, she illustrates these universal values that go beyond the volunteering experience and accompany her as she returns home to France.

A book for anyone interested in taking up a mission, but also for readers seeking meaning and adventure.

Selling price: 12€

All the copyrights are allocated to LP4Y




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